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Anything that regulates or maintains a constant temperature utilizing mechanical refrigeration…

-86 Ultra-Low Refrigeration Service

Serving the Cutting Edge of Health Care and Pharmaceutical Research

Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Repair

Put your research capital where it matters most, and eliminate the need for unnecessary and costly repairs, by signing-up for an annual maintenance agreement with Cascade Refrigeration Service and Repair. We will pro-actively maintain your critical freezers, and other cryogenic equipment, and keep them running smoothly.

Repair, replace, or service on a timely basis, it’s your decision. Call us for a quote today.

Our Preferred Manufacturer’s List

Thermo Scientific Inc.
General Signal Laboratory Equipment
Revco Lindberg
VWR Scientific
So Low
FTS Systems
Millrock Technology
Forma Scientific
New Brunswick

Plasma Freezers

Types of Equipment We Service

Mechanically cooled cryo-chambers
Circulating Water Baths and Chillers
Lab Refrigeration and Clean Room Air Conditioning
Ultra Low Freezers
Cascade Refrigeration Systems

Plasma Freezers
Environmental Chambers
GMP Facilities & Equipment
Clean Room, Lab Refrigeration, AC
Blast Chillers


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